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Lynn and Aaron distance love for seven years, there have been rumors skelter. Recently, Lynn suddenly shot microblogging sun on the tail ring, saying to be back on the road, suspected and Aaron broke; more rumors that a third party that is had with Aaron rumored Christine Kuo. For a time, the King's "new love, old love" by netizens compared various aspects. Mrs. King supermodel Lynn and Christine Kuo TVB small artistes whose human hair lace front wigs is more and more fashionable tide it? A comparison with the hair style: mature wavy hair style model figure Lynn to fill mature feminine wavy human hair weaves victory, placed on one side of the chest natural curls mature charming, sexy woman exudes taste cheap human hair extensions. And Wavey obviously not suitable for Christine Kuo, slightly astringent apart also brought out Wavey tacky and old-fashioned, good old age moment. Lynn model figure to fill the mature feminine wavy hair victory, placed on the chest side of the natural curls mature attractive human braiding hair, sexy woman exudes taste. Wavey obviously not suitable for Christine Kuo, slightly astringent apart also brought out Wavey tacky and old-fashioned, good old age moment.

Side points to reverse hair, a look at it gives the feeling of high-end atmosphere on the grade, usually meet clients or attend the annual meeting and other banquet occasions, this hairstyle can hOLd firm. Followed immediately look at how to build this shape it. Plate made the tutorial steps: step1: hair styling products above the spray, let your cheap human hairs after better. step2: Take a small bunch of hair twisting. step3: reverse side while adding back hair, when almost to the ear with a hairpin fixed. step4: then went to the back to reverse, and then wound into a small circle. step5: the other side also used the same way begin to reverse hair. step6: Like twist to the end. step7: then rolled into a lovely volume, with the hairpin fixed. step8: intermediate remaining hair and then twist and then through the sides of a small bun together. Finally, a hairpin fixed. The effect of reversing the low side bun hair is particularly simple and the atmosphere, and very convenient way to build. Do it now. The positive effects of plate made of cheap human hair wigs as long as a suitable mix of clothing with makeup can go more occasions of human hair lace front wigs.

Hepburn simple fashion modeling, has been the choice of many brides, the width and height of the top area, very effective modification of the character's face and brain type. Select corrugated front region approach, reflects a stronger sense of style, fashion Hepburn on the basis of strengthened thicker charm scores, central pearl crown to wear, dignified, noble, fringe area dotted type of jewelry reflects the soft petite woman side. This modeling for anyone. Bride dish hair styling steps: Step 1: use Mawei District truss fixed, do not have hair. Step two: hanging loose hair to fight hair, increase hair volume comb along the surface of the roll-mounted, torn arc, increase the height, elongated face. The third step: in order to enhance Hepburn changing shape type, use push cheap human hairs corrugated shape appeared, strengthening lines. Step 4: Select accessories fixed, increase elegance. Final renderings petite bride modeling can also have soft side, let us create this simple but stylish hands bride Hepburn hairstyle! More exciting content, please continue to focus on Beijing make-up school, when Follow fashion a new front!

[PConline Information] Ladies born beauty features, with a slender full lace wigs human hair and create beautiful cheap human hair wigs, exudes charm. The Philips bring HP8297 hair styling equipment. This Philips styler, you can carefully create a natural straight real human hair extensions, and just the right natural curly style. Fast, gentle and easy. The wigs human hair styling device using professional styling temperature of 200 ° C to bring perfect effect professional standards, the use of digital heat settings to create any hairstyle, can make human hair wigs for white women shine smooth doubling, but with negative ions make hair supple and glossy conservation, prevent frizz generation. Ceramic plywood, moving more smoothly than the more to minimize half wigs human hair damage. The curly human hair extensions styling device equipped with an automatic shutdown feature. This feature allows you to use more peace of mind. The product will turn off automatically 60 minutes after you leave. Digital heat setting by digital display allows you to quickly and easily select the desired function or adjust the styling temperature. It can help you choose for your human hair weaves and the ideal temperature. Touch of a button, instantly have the perfect shape effect!